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Public Trust and Agricultural Awareness




Public Trust and Agricultural Awareness aims to accelerate the adoption and implementation of recognized food safety assurance systems, including food safety, biosecurity, traceability and animal welfare in the production, processing, transportation and distribution of New Brunswick Agri-Food products.

Eligible Applicants

• Indigenous Peoples or Organizations
• Agriculture producers (individuals or groups)
• Agriculture producer associations
• Academic or research institutions
• Agri-businesses
• Other individuals or groups capable of achieving program objectives

Eligible Expenses

  • Assurance Systems Program, Food Safety and Quality Systems
    • Implementation of On-Farm Food Safety Programs
    • On Farm & Post- Farm Agri-Food Safety, Training and Development
    • Implementation of Post- Farm Food Safety Programs
  • Development and Implementation of a National Agriculture and Food Traceability System
    • On Farm Equipment and Systems
    • Traceability Pilot Projects
    • On Farm Livestock Traceability Program
    • Adoption of On Farm Livestock Traceability Programs by Commodity Groups
  • Biosecurity Implementation
    • On Farm Equipment, Systems and Training
    • Implementation of On Farm Biosecurity Systems by Commodity Groups
  • Animal Welfare Assurance Systems
    • On Farm Training, Development of Plan, and Audit
    • Equipment and Infrastructure Changes to Meet Codes of Practice
    • Development of Animal Welfare Assurance Systems by Commodity Groups
  • Agriculture Awareness
    • Funding to organizations, for preparation of training material, train the trainer, workshops & seminars.

Deadline Date

  Ongoing basis until March 31, 2023


Contact Name: Industry Financial Programs (Branch)

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: New Brunswick ,
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