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Purchase or Lease Rebate Program | Government of Québec


Maximum $8,000


The Québec government is offering individuals, businesses, organization and Québec municipalities a rebate of up to $8 000 on the purchase or lease of a new electric vehicle.

Eligible Applicants

  • Individuals, businesses, organizations and Québec municipalities
  • The applicant must reside in Québec
  • The vehicle must necessarily be acquired in Canada, initially be registered in Québec and not have been registered outside Québec
  • The vehicle for which a rebate application is submitted must be on the list of eligible vehicles provided on this website

Eligible Expenses

Please consult the detailed list of eligible new vehicles to determine the exact amount of the rebate now in force for the vehicle models that interest you.

Deadline Date

  Ongoing. Program ends December 31, 2020 or until funds are exhausted.


Contact Name: Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) |

Phone Number: 1-866-266-0008


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Quebec ,
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