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RDAR Call for Proposals: Drought and Extreme Heat Funding Opportunity


up to $150,000/project is available


This summer, Alberta’s producers are experiencing significant challenges created by extreme heat and resulting drought.  Extended periods of high temperatures and minimal rainfall is stressing crops, pastures and livestock.  Temperatures have exceeded 34C across most of the province, with several locations recording temperatures over 38C.

To meet producer’s short-term needs, RDAR is launching a Drought and Extreme Heat Funding opportunity to support research and industry knowledge dissemination on responding to the current drought and extreme heat conditions.

Eligible Applicants

Funding will be available to incorporated organizations that directly and/or indirectly participate in the service and development of Alberta’s livestock or crop industry, provided that such organizations are in good standing and not in default under any other agreements or programs with RDAR. Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to:

a) Marketing boards and commissions established under Alberta’s Marketing of Agricultural Products Act;
b) Educational institutions, including universities, colleges, and technical schools;
c) Provincial and municipal government organizations and agencies;
d) Incorporated non-profit agricultural associations representing Alberta’s agriculture producers; and
e) for-profit entities, including research companies, service providers, and agri-businesses offering custom services, consulting services or general services to agricultural clients

Eligible Expenses

The following eligible non-capital expenses may be included in an application:
a) incremental wages
b) costs for fee-for-service providers/contributors justified as essential to the success of the Project;
c) event registrations for a Project team member transferring/delivering knowledge to Alberta agriculture industry stakeholders, e.g.
conferences, meetings;
d) reasonable travel-related expenses directly related to the Project, as set out in the Travel Expense Policy posted on, as may be amended, and attached as a Schedule to the Investment Agreement signed with RDAR;
e) communications with Alberta agriculture industry stakeholders directly related to the Project, e.g. social media, publication, promotional advertising;
f) cost of new inputs (animal, seed/crop) required for the Project, including per diem costs;
g) costs for the development and delivery of knowledge translation and transfer (KTT) activities;
h) costs for materials, supplies, inputs required for the design, development, implementation, and extension of the Project’s applied
research activities;
i) engineering costs for the Project;
j) rentals, leases of venues, technology, and equipment directly related to the Project;
k) cost of surveys related to gathering data required for Project reporting on performance measures; and
l) cost of assessments directly related to Project requirements (e.g. risk, welfare, economic, environmental).

Deadline Date

  All projects are to be completed by December 31, 2022.


Contact Name: Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR)

Phone Number: 403-350-5424

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Alberta ,
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