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Readiness Support | Green Climate Fund


Total of USD 16 million available to immediately provide support to countries, and may seek the release of further resources depending on the needs of countries. Support for these activities in individual developing countries is capped at USD 1 million per calendar year.


The Fund provides early support for readiness and preparatory activities to enhance country ownership and access. This “country readiness” funding is a dedicated and cross-cutting programme that maximizes the effectiveness of the Fund by empowering developing countries.

Readiness and preparatory support activities are not one-off measures, but part of an ongoing process to strengthen a country’s engagement with the Fund. GCF focuses its readiness support on particularly vulnerable countries, including Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and African States – a minimum of 50% of country readiness funding is targeted at supporting these countries.


Eligible Applicants

This support may be delivered to countries directly through National Designated Authorities (NDAs) or Focal Points through a wide range of delivery partners with relevant expertise and experience. Alternatively, countries may select another institution that is well-versed in readiness activities as its delivery partner. These institutions can be international, regional, national, or sub-national, public or private.

Led by the NDAs or Focal Points, the Fund may also deploy readiness and preparatory support to prospective regional, national, or sub-national entities seeking accreditation with the Fund to prepare them to apply for accreditation, as well as to Accredited Entities to develop project and programme pipelines.

Eligible Expenses


Deadline Date


Contact Name: GCF Country Programming

Phone Number: +82.32.458.6039

E-mail Address:


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