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Recreation and Physical Activity Project Grant Program | Alberta Culture and Tourism




This program encourages a more active Alberta by supporting projects that foster collaborative and innovative programming and research in the recreation and physical activity sector. The program supports projects that are directly linked to the outcomes of an active Alberta and align to guiding national initiatives (Active Canada 20/20 and the Framework for Recreation in Canada).

Eligible Applicants

  • Non-profit organization registered under one of the Societies Act or Agricultural Societies Act
  • Having been in operation in Alberta for at least one year
  • Extra-provincial organizations providing programming or services through an Alberta office
  • Organizations affiliated with post-secondary institutions recognized by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology or any Alberta school or school jurisdiction recognized by Alberta Education that is operating on a full-time basis for students in kindergarten through Grade 12
  • Must carry out recreation and/or physical activity-related programming associated with:
    • Improved access and reduced barriers to recreation and physical activity opportunities
    • Integrated and collaborative approaches
    • Leisure education and physical literacy
    • Foresight, innovation and emerging trends
    • Research, evaluation and knowledge translation
    • Active transportation
    • Active play
    • Connecting people to nature
    • Physical activity in the workplace
    • Development of First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities

Partnership projects may take place between recreation/physical activity and non-recreation/physical activity organizations. Previous recipients are eligible if they have met all reporting requirements and do not have any outstanding projects.

Eligible Expenses

Publicly accessible recreation and physical activity programming; programming that provides improved access to recreation and physical activity opportunities for specific populations including: First Nations, Métis and Indigenous Communities; seniors; school-aged youth; disabled populations; families; and, girls & women research, evaluation and knowledge translation; sector development and sharing of best practices; and/or workplace physical activity program development.

Deadline Date

October 15, 2017


Contact Name: Recreation and Physical Activity Division

Phone Number: 780-427-6549

E-mail Address:


Industry: Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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