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Recreation Energy Conservation Program │Municipal Climate Change Action Centre


up to $750,000


The Recreation Energy Conservation (REC) program helps municipally-owned recreation facilities reduce energy use and GHG emissions by providing financial rebates to help identify energy-saving opportunities and implement energy-saving projects. Through REC, municipalities can receive rebates for Scoping Audits and Engineering Studies that support investment decisions in addition to Implementation Project rebates for implementing energy efficient retrofits in their facilities.

Eligible Applicants

The following organizations are eligible to participate in the REC program:
a. Municipalities: all designated municipalities within the province of Alberta are eligible to participate in the REC program. As per Section 1(1)(s) of the Municipal Government Act, a “municipality” is defined as:
i. a city, town, village, summer village, municipal district or specialized municipality,
ii. a town under the Parks Towns Act, or
iii. a municipality formed by a special Act; or,
iv. if the context requires, the geographical area within the boundaries of a municipality
described in sub-clauses (i) to (iii).
b. Community-related organizations: non-profit community-related organizations (CROs) are eligible to participate in the REC program if the Project is within a municipally-owned facility. While CROs are eligible to participate, the municipalitymust submit the REC Application and be the signatory to the Offer Letter. All reimbursements of rebates made under the program will be directed to the municipality. Such instances of community-related organization participation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible facilities must be recreationally-focused and utilize complex and high energy consuming systems. The following municipally-owned recreation facility types are eligible for the REC program:
a. Arenas and curling rinks;
b. Aquatic centres and swimming pools;
c. Dry sport centres such as facilities that do not include ice surfaces or aquatic facilities;
d. Multiplexes such as facilities that include a combination of dry sports, ice surfaces, and aquatic facilities;
e. Athletic parks such as football or soccer parks; and
f. Other recreationally-focused facilities deemed eligible by the MCCAC.

Deadline Date

  First come, first-serve basis.


Contact Name: Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

Phone Number: 780-433-4431 or 310-2862 (Toll Free)


Industry: Municipalities, Location: Alberta ,
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