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Reducing Environmental Footprint Technology Competition │ Clean Resource Innovation Networl (CRIN)


Up to $10 million


CRIN’s $50 million Reducing Environmental Footprint technology competition is designed to advance technology solutions for high-priority environmental challenges across the oil and gas industry with the intent to export technologies internationally and for application within Canada’s industrial sector.

  • Up to $10 million is available per successful applicant.
  • Competition details and application processes available on the ERA website

Eligible Applicants


Projects will be assessed on ability to demonstrate a clear pathway to commercialization and to provide significant environmental benefits that contribute to CRIN’s target of 100 megatonnes of CO2e reduction by 2033.

This competition is open to breakthrough technology solutions aligned with one or more of the following technology focus areas:

  • Water Technology Development
  • Methane Emissions, Monitoring, Quantification, and Abatement
  • Land and Wellsite Reclamation
  • Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  May 20, 2021
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