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Regional Community Foundation Funds | Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta




Residents wishing to strengthen their communities have a very useful tool at their fingertips – a Regional Community Foundation Fund. Regional Community Funds are partnership between communities within the region and our Community Foundation. They provide citizens with an opportunity to give back to their particular geographic area and demonstrate their local pride. As with other Legacy funds, these funds are built on gifts of all sizes which are pooled together into a single fund that will support charitable causes in the local area for generations

All Regional Community Foundation Funds are led by a Fund Advisory Committee which is composed entirely of people who either live in the local area, or who have a meaningful connection to it. These dedicated individuals ensure that the fund supports their community’s current priorities along with its emerging needs and future opportunities

The total number of regional funds hosted by the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta is three.

  • North Peace Community Foundation Fund: Serving Peace River and the surrounding communities
  • Sexsmith Community Foundation Fund: Serving Sexsmith and the surrounding communities
  • West County Community Foundation Fund: Serving communities in Beaverlodge, Elmsworth, Hythe, Wembley and area

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Contact Name: Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta

Phone Number: (780) 538 2820

E-mail Address:


Industry: Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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