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Regional Innovation Ecosystems (REGI)


Up to 50 percent of authorized costs for SMEs and up to 90 percent of authorized costs for NPOs.


Through the Regional Innovation Ecosystems (REGI) program, Canadian Economic Development for Quebec regions supports projects that help create a regional entrepreneurial environment conducive to innovation, which supports business needs at all development stages and fosters business growth and competitiveness by:

  • bringing together ecosystem players
  • supporting the development, sustainability and growth of regional clusters
  • attracting foreign investments

Eligible Applicants

  • Businesses (SMEs and organizations operating facilities or engaged in commercial activities)
  • Non-profit organizations (NPOs) that provide services for businesses
  • Business incubators and accelerators
  • Municipalities and regional county municipalities (MRCs)
  • Business groups and associations, including non-profit organizations, enterprises, post-secondary education institutions or consortiums

Eligible Expenses

  • Transfer
    • Technology transfer to businesses
    • Knowledge transfert
  • Innovation Support
    • Recruitment of specialized resources
    • Strategy development
  • Partnerships and alliances (network structuring)
    • Networking and business contacts
    • Creation or development of associations/alliances/partnerships
  • Services/support to companies
    • Establish, expand or modernize a facility for providing specialized services in support of entrepreneurship or businesses, including platforms, innovation assets, tools and testbeds;
    • Consulting, business support including investment attraction and guidance services
    • Implementation of initiatives

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

Phone Number: 1-800-561-0633 (toll-free)


Industry: Software/Technology, Location: Quebec ,
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