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Regional Innovation Ecosystems (RIE) in the Prairie provinces




The Regional Innovation Ecosystems (RIE) program stream aims to create, grow and nurture inclusive regional ecosystems that support business needs throughout the innovation continuum, and foster an entrepreneurial environment conducive to innovation, growth and competitiveness.

Eligible Applicants

RIE is open to not-for-profit organizations that support businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs, for start-up, growth, productivity, technology commercialization, technology adoption, export and investment attraction, including:

Applicants must meet the following mandatory criteria:

  • post-secondary educational institutions;
  • Business Accelerator and Incubators;
  • angel networks;
  • Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) organizations, including Indigenous-led not-for profit organizations and Indigenous-owned businesses;
  • social enterprises;
  • a group of eligible recipients such as an industry association or consortium; and
  • a municipality and all other municipal-type organizations.

All eligible applicants must be legal entities capable of entering into legally binding agreements

Eligible Expenses

What projects are funded through RIE?

Activities that support a regional innovation ecosystem to respond to a specific challenge, opportunity, or market need or demand related to business scale-up and productivity, with emphasis on:

  • Technology Commercialization – includes enhancing businesses innovation efforts; and establishing, expanding or modernizing a facility for providing specialized services for businesses, including platforms, innovation assets, tools and testbeds. The focus should be on late stage product development; for example, technology showcasing and demonstration.
  • Business Scale-Up – includes entrepreneurship development and business support in market development, export, and investment attraction; and opportunity analyses such as identifying changes in global demand or prime contractors’ requirements for a given sector.
  • Productivity Improvement – includes technology transfer including validation of needs, training and implementation of a new technology; and technological adoption for new industrial applications and/or entry into new markets.
  • Ecosystem Capacity Building – includes development of strategic business alliances within a specific sector or cluster; research and analysis to identify barriers to scale-up and productivity enhancement within the sector/cluster; and development of a strategy to address these barriers.
  • Business Acceleration and Incubation – includes supports for entrepreneurs to create and grow their start-up company, such as advice on how to create a business plan, determine a marketing strategy, hire employees, and other aspects of setting up a business. This support may also include services such as office space, expert mentors, or specialized equipment.

Deadline Date

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