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Reserve Land and Environmental Management Program



The Reserve Land and Environment Management Program (RLEMP) provides funding to First Nations to develop capacity to exercise increased responsibility over their reserve land, resources and environment under the Indian Act.

Participating in RLEMP can prepare a community for transition to a more comprehensive land management model, such as First Nations Land Management, or comprehensive self-government.

Eligible Applicants

  • First Nations
  • Tribal councils

Funding is determined by a formula that considers:

  • population of the First Nation
  • size of the reserve land base
  • the type, number and complexity of land and natural resources interests and transactions registered in the Indian Lands Registry System
  • environmental activities, such as:
    • environmental site assessments
    • environmental impact assessments
    • environmental monitoring and audits
  • compliance activities
  • level of responsibility

Eligible Expenses

There are 3 levels of responsibility under RLEMP. As First Nations progress from one level to the next, they develop the lands and environmental management capacity required to manage their reserve lands.

  • Level 1: Training and development
  • Level 2: Operational
  • Level 3: Delegated authority (closed to new entrants since 2011)

Deadline Date

  No deadline.


Contact Name: RLEMP specialist in your region

Phone Number: 1-800-567-9604

E-mail Address:


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