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Reserve Lands and Environment Management




Reserve Lands and Environment Management provides targeted funding for lands and economic development support services to help communities achieve the objectives of the Program. This includes services that prevent the contamination of reserve lands and other lands under Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s (AANDC‘s) custodial responsibility.

Eligible Applicants

  • First Nation and Inuit communities and their governments, including Tribal Councils (Inuit communities are only eligible for the economic development services component)
  • Other persons performing delegated land management functions under Sections 53 and/or 60 of the Indian Act on behalf of First Nations

Eligible Expenses

  • salaries, wages, and benefits
  • travel
  • overhead, including (but not limited to) rent, utilities, supplies, accounting and audit services, and insurance
  • minor machinery and equipment
  • communications, including (but not limited to) content development, translation, dissemination, advertising, and signage
  • professional, consulting, advisory, and other services (including fees, travel, and report production)
  • attendance at, or participation in, training and professional development programs, conferences, workshops, seminars, events, events and meetings, including (but not limited to) tuition, registration, travel, testing and evaluation
  • work experience, including travel
  • preparing, organizing, and delivering conferences, workshops, seminars, events, meetings and information sessions, including (but not limited to) room and equipment rentals, food and beverage, promotion, travel and the costs of presenters or facilitators
  • land surveys and appraisals
  • awareness and information sessions, training, and communications relating to environmental promotion and compliance
  • feasibility studies, marketing, advertising, and promotion
  • costs related to economic infrastructure such as, planning, design, identification, capitalization, and acquisition of rights and rights-of-way (core allocations only)
  • capital costs relating to the establishment, acquisition, expansion or modernization of an Aboriginal business

Deadline Date

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Contact Name: Government of Canada


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