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Safe Community First Responder Program │ Alliance Pipeline


Varies up to $7,500


Small communities across Canada and the U.S. rely on fire departments, ambulance services, and other emergency responders to keep them safe. Money is perennially tight, especially in rural municipalities with a small tax base, and equipment that could enhance the capabilities of these first responders is a luxury for some communities.

The Safe Community First Responder Program awards grants of up to $7,500 for safety equipment, professional training, or safety education programs to organizations invited to apply, including fire departments, emergency medical and rescue services, emergency management organizations, 9-1-1 centers, ambulance services and law enforcement organizations.

Eligible Applicants

  • Organizations must serve (or have a mutual aid agreement with) a community directly along the Alliance Pipeline system. View a list of eligible communities here.
  • Applications for the Safe Community First Responder Program are by invitation only. If you feel your organization is eligible and would like to apply, please Alliance Pipeline​.
  • Emergency response organizations invited to apply for a Safe Community First Responder grant can expect a funding decision by May or by November, depending on the date of application.

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  Deadline for spring application review is March 31 and September 30 for the fall review.
Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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