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Science Horizons – Wage Subsidies| BioTalent Canada:


Maximum $20,000 towards salary


Currently closed to applications (Program runs 2017-2019) – For many new graduates, landing a job without extensive work experience is a challenge. Yet without that first biotechnology position, the necessary experience will never come. BioTalent Canada’s Career Focus Program paves the way to employment by helping offset the costs of orientation, integration and skills development. Not only does the program help young workers develop their skills and abilities in general, but it also forges strong connections between them and the companies that take them on. Nearly every Career Focus participant who completed the program is kept on – hired long term.

The BioTalent Canada Career Focus Program gives employers the freedom to:

  • Meet their staffing needs with less financial risk
  • Grow their business
  • Access a pool of eager-to-learn new workers
  • Develop new talent within their companies

The BioTalent Canada Career Focus Program helps knock down that cost barrier by subsidizing the salaries of new grads. Employers can bring on an eager, educated young worker for a special project – and at the end of the placement end up with a skilled candidate already oriented to their company.

Eligible Applicants


  • Be a graduate from a post-secondary institution within the last three years
  • Be between the ages of 15-30, inclusively
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or hold refugee status
  • Be legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial legislation
  • Not be in receipt of Employment Insurance at the start of your placement
  • Have an offer for potential employment


Any Canadian biotechnology company in the private sector needing to fill any position within the company can apply. Eligible placements may involve research, biotechnology promotion and education, or some other combination of business and science skills—and may cover the full spectrum of jobs from manufacturing and production to product commercialization, quality control/assurance, sales, regulatory affairs, biosafety and more.

Eligible Expenses

Wage subsidy

Deadline Date

  Applications for the the 2017-2019 Science Horizons Youth Internship Program are no longer being accepted. Please continue to visit their website for program updates.


Contact Name: BioTalent Canada

Phone Number: 1-866-243-2472

E-mail Address:


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