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Self Employment Benefit Program (SEB)




Self Employment Benefit Program (SEB) provides financial assistance to eligible applicants who want to start their own business or purchase an existing business, in which they have had no prior ownership.

Eligible Applicants

  • be currently on Employment Insurance (EI) or have had an EI claim in the past five years or a parental claim in the past five years
  • be unemployed or underemployed
  • want to start a “new to you” business
  • have a controlling interest in the business
  • be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • propose a business concept that would be suitable for public funding – the business concept must be legal and not exploiting sex, politics or religion
  • have completed the Self Employment Program Orientation
  • plan to work full time (minimum of 35 hrs/wk) in your business

Eligible Expenses

  • Income support
  • Business skills development workshops
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Counselling.

Deadline Date

  Please click the link indicated below for update.


Contact Name: Hecate Strait Employment Development Society or Haida Gwaii Community Futures

Phone Number: 1-800-808-3988

E-mail Address:;


Industry: Non-Profit, Location: British Colombia ,
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