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Sheep- Producer Assurance Rebate Program


Maximum program payment of $15,000 per operation


The Sheep-Producer Assurance Rebate Program provides sheep producers with a rebate for approved eligible equipment expenses that improve biosecurity and animal welfare practices.

Eligible Applicants

You are eligible to apply for a rebate if:

  • You are a Saskatchewan sheep producer;
  • You are 18 years of age;
  • You must file income tax in Saskatchewan demonstrating a minimum of $15,000 in gross farm income in the year of the application;
  • You have a Saskatchewan Premises Identification number.
  • You have completed the Canadian Verified Sheep Program training; and
  • You have had an assessment completed by a veterinarian licensed in Saskatchewan.

Eligible Expenses


  • Segregation pen (Maximum rebate $5,000):
    • Metal panels, gate(s),
    • Metal feed bunk;
  • Deadstock site (Maximum rebate $750):
    • Fencing: posts (metal or wood), wire, material (staples);
  • Fencing to prevent access to feed and standing water (Maximum rebate $2,500):
    • Posts (metal or wood), wire, material (staples);
  • Signage for controlled and restricted zones:
    • Gate and visitor signs specifying biosecurity; and
  • Cleaning and disinfection station(s):
    • Hand wash and boot wash stations.

Animal Welfare Improvements

  • Loading chutes (Maximum rebate $3,000):
    • Metal, adjustable floor;
  • Headgate and chute:
    • Metal;
  • Working chute:
    • Metal,
    • Metal tube frame, thick polyplastic sides;
  • Crowding tub:
    • Metal, sliding swing gate;
  • Spin trim chute:
    • Metal, adjustable;
  • Sorter:
    • Metal, 2- or 3-way;
  • Maternity/lambing pen:
    • Metal or welded mesh panels, metal tubing/posts and fasteners;
  • Sheep weigh scale (Maximum rebate $2,500):
    • Metal weigh scale 440 lb. capacity,
    • Basic weigh indicator (Maximum rebate $550);
  • Feed scale (Maximum Rebate $1,500):
    • Scale to be used in conjunction with mixing or feed wagon;
  • Automatic milk feeders for lambs:
    • Auto feeders, unit and components;
  • Remote surveillance for lambing:
    • All equipment, antennas and cables to support the following: up to four indoor cameras and up to four outdoor cameras (20xPTZ), repeater and recording unit with hard drive;
  • Pain control administration training by veterinarian:
    • Training costs and mileage; and
  • Vaccine cooler:
    • Vaccination/medication organization system including vaccine tubing, holsters and medicine administration guns.

Deadline Date

Industry: Agriculture, Location: Saskatchewan ,
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