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Small Producers Energy Efficiency Deployment (SPEED) | Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA):


Incentives up to $1 million per parent company.


ERA’s Small Producers Energy Efficiency Deployment (SPEED) funding is an expansion of Energy Savings for Business. It supports eligible oil and gas producers in Alberta to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support job creation. Through expanded eligibility and the addition of new technology types, SPEED will accelerate the deployment of proven upgrades that help producers decrease operating costs and become more competitive, boosting economic recovery.

Eligible Applicants

All oil and gas facilities that have a facility code with an Operational Status of Active (Petrinex or equivalent) are eligible to participate. Projects must occur at facilities located within Alberta and be operated, owned or leased by the Participant, meet project timeline requirements, and follow the criteria outlined in the Participant Terms and Conditions.

Eligible Expenses

SPEED expands access for oil and gas producers, adding SPEED expands access for oil and gas producers, adding incentives for new measure categories to the already 60 commercially available technology types offered through Energy Savings for Business:

  • Air Fuel Ratio Controllers
  • High-Efficiency Engines
  • Pump Jack Electrification

The new funding stream enables increased participation from the oil and gas sector by including facilities that are regulated under Technology Innovations and Emission Reduction (TIER), opted-in to TIER, or not currently opted-in under the regulation.

Deadline Date

  May 9, 2022.


Contact Name: ERA

Phone Number: 844-407-0025

E-mail Address:


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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