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SmartStart Seed Fund | Ontario Centres of Excellence


Up to $35,000


SmartStart Seed Fund delivered through Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Through the program, you can get:

  • up to $30,000 in early-stage funding to help you launch and grow your business, providing you get 1:1 matching funds from at least 1 other source
  • up to $5,000 in financing, with no matching funds required, to apply towards business skills training and support services (e.g., workshops and seminars, peer networks, mentoring and other entrepreneurship learning opportunities)
  • access to regional business and investment networks and resources

Eligible Applicants

You can apply if you’re:

  • a technology or innovation-based entrepreneur, between 18 -29 years old, with an incorporated startup based in Ontario, including 1 linked to – or based in — an Ontario college or university
  • a student or recent graduate affiliated with a Campus-Linked Accelerator or participating in on-campus entrepreneurship activities
  • free to use or develop your startup’s intellectual property with no third-party rights
  • not a previous recipient of Ontario Centres of Excellence funding (e.g., SmartStart, Voucher for Commercialization or Market Readiness Phase 1, 2 or 3)
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with:
    • a viable business plan
    • an aptitude for entrepreneurship
    • a commitment to growing an Ontario-based company

Eligible Expenses

For more detailed information, please click the link indicated below.

Deadline Date

   Application is now closed. For future deadlines and updates, please click the link indicated below.


Contact Name: Natalia Lobo (Program Manager) - Ontario Centres of Excellence

E-mail Address:


Industry: Employment, Location: Ontario ,
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