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Social Development Partnerships Program-Disability Component: Building a Stronger Foundation for Leadership of Youth with Disabilities


Up to $50,000 per year (to a maximum of $150,000 over 3 years).


The Social Development Partnerships Program (Disability) (SDPP-D) supports projects intended to improve the participation and increase the social inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of Canadian society.

The program funds projects aimed at developing the next generation of youth disability leaders while also facilitating succession planning and sustainability in the disability sector.

Eligible Applicants

Your organization is a:

  • Non-profit organization
  • Indigenous organization (including band council, tribal council and self-government entity).

Eligible Expenses

The program funds projects that will:

  • Provide youth with disabilities or youth with lived experience with a meaningful leadership experience (minimum of 12 months) in a national disability organization
  • Facilitate a partnership between a national disability organization and an organization within or outside the disability sector, that are actively engaging youth
  • Increase the organizational capacity of national disability organizations via the integration of youth into leadership roles

Deadline Date

  The program is currently closed for application. Please click the link indicated below for update.
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