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Sponsorship and Donations | ATB Financial




ATB Financial has always been known as a strong community partner, but in recent years we’ve been working hard to maximize our impact. We proactively look for opportunities to help strengthen communities by making it our business to know what is important to the communities where we work and live, and ensuring our support has a measurable positive impact for Albertans.

Donations are financial contributions to a charitable organization based on the benefit to the community over recognition, and without expectation of a return on investment. ATB Financial supports organizations, charities and causes that keep Alberta strong

Sponsorships are strategic business partnerships negotiated with an event or organization to help build goodwill and grow brand recognition. ATB Financial sponsors events primarily for marketing purposes. While the activity may support a charitable cause, ATB receives negotiated recognition (ex. signage, media coverage, advertising, customer hosting)

Eligible Applicants

Organizations and causes that empower people, improve their quality of life, contribute to their wellbeing, and/or improve accessibility to services and programs

Organizations and causes must benefit Albertans, using funds donated by ATB in Alberta

Funds must support at least one of our giving focuses (Arts & Culture, Community & Social Development and Sports & Wellness)

Organizations must be located where ATB has a business presence


Eligible Expenses

Organizations and projects must demonstrate compliance with relevant laws and regulations, fair and ethical treatment of employees and customers

  • Program or projects must be cost-effective
  • Must be able to demonstrate need and show direct impact
  • We will not understate partnerships where results are not clear or cannot be proven
  • Perceived need must be compelling and not duplicate existing services or facilities
  • Requests cab be financial or in-kind contributions (i.e. real estate space, furniture, equipment)

Deadline Date



Contact Name: ATB Financial

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Industry: Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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