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Stabilize Program (Phase 2) – Adapt and Innovate Stream




This stream empowers non-profit organizations to reimagine their practice, explore new operating models and strengthen their digital infrastructure.

  • The maximum funding request is $75,000.
  • Funding is approved on a matching basis. The applicant must contribute 50% of a match to the amount being requested for project expenses.

Eligible Applicants

The Adapt and Innovate Stream support projects that enable nonprofit organizations to reimagine their organization’s business model in order to resume in-person, live experience opportunities. Projects will support adaptability, organizational development, and the implementation of new business or event models. They can also focus on strengthening digital infrastructure, accessing the appropriate software, or making content accessible to diverse and underrepresented audiences.

Eligible non-profit organizations include those that:

  • are the primary organizer of arts, culture and festival events, including those in the performing, visual, literary, and film and video arts, which  are open and available to the public
  • are the primary organizer of rodeo and sport events whose performances and programming are open and available to the public
  • own or operate a live experience venue, such as sport and arts venues, community halls, agricultural society’s venues, dedicated cultural centres, and so on

Eligible Expenses

The matching funding must be specifically related to the project. It may be:

  • cash
  • donated labour
  • equipment
  • materials

Deadline Date

  July 29, 2021
Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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