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Our commitment to building better communities extends to the many areas where we live and work. With office locations worldwide, that support is spread across the globe. But it’s not just about where we give; it’s also about how we give.

We contribute in four core areas: arts, education, environment, and health and wellness. Over the years, we’ve supported diverse initiatives in these focus areas and continue to help strengthen our communities through them.

Arts: Every thriving community has a vibrant arts community. We contribute to it by supporting visual and performing arts organizations, museums, art education programs, symphonies, and public media

Education: We support youth in their pursuit of higher education through scholarships and educational programs. We also partner with schools and business to help students pursue education or training in design disciplines

Environment: Our support for the environment is focused on programs that promote sustainable development, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, air quality, and climate change

Health & Wellness: We focus on supporting credible and recognized health charities including national, provincial, or state charitable health organizations, regional hospitals, and health centers

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Registered charitable organizations

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Phone Number: 1-866-782-6832

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