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Strategic Funds – Media Arts Equipment Acquisition Fund │ Canada Council for the Arts


Up to $30 000


The Media Arts Equipment Acquisition Fund supports Canadian professional media arts organizations to develop technical infrastructure that fosters conditions necessary for the vitality and advancement of independent media arts in Canada.

Eligible Applicants

Your organization must:

  • be receiving core funding as a Media Arts organization

Your eligibility to apply to this fund is determined by the validated profile created in the portal.

Equipment purchases can be made in partnership with other media arts organizations. If submitting an application in partnership:

  • Each organization must commit resources and receive benefit from the joint purchase of equipment.
  • Each partner must submit an application for their portion of the financial contribution.

All partners must be professional Canadian independent media arts organizations that are receiving core funding from the Canada Council and meet the eligibility criteria of the fund.

Eligible Expenses

Support towards the purchase of media arts equipment for the research, development, creation, presentation, dissemination and distribution of Canadian independent media artworks.

Deadline Date

  November 22, 2023.


Contact Name: Canada Council for the Arts

Phone Number: 1-800 263-5588 or 613 566-4414

E-mail Address:


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