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Strategic Networking and Development Grants │ Alberta Innovates


Up to $10,000 for activities and events


The Strategic Networking and Development Program makes funding available to researchers at Alberta post-secondary institutionsto support activities such as workshops, conferences and competitions which advance Alberta’s research and innovation in the emerging technology priority areas of information and communications technology (ICT), nanotechnology and ‘omics technologies.

Eligible Applicants

The event or activity proposed must advance Alberta’s research and innovation focus in ICT, nanotechnology and/or ‘omics. Applications must come from Alberta post-secondary institutions.

Intended outcomes of activity or event

  • Research collaboration
  • Academic-industry/end-user collaboration
  • Recruitment of highly qualified and skilled people (HQP) to Alberta
  • Employment of HQP by industry in Alberta, and/or
  • Profiling of Alberta’s research and innovation strengths

Eligible Expenses

  • Information and communication technologies (ICT), including:
    • Data-enabled innovation: artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and data analytics, quantum technologies, communication technologies, cloud computing, augmented reality/virtual reality
    • Digital technology for business transformation: visualization, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, geomatics, geospacial technologies, internet of things (IoT)
    • Innovative production and distribution: robotics, autonomous transportation, advanced manufacturing technologies including 3D printing and fabrication
    • Virtual service delivery
    • Smart grid and smart communities
  • Nanotechnologies, including:
    • Innovative production and distribution: advanced nano-engineered materials, devises and systems
    • Atomic and molecular systems, quantum technologies, sensors and MEMS
  • ‘Omics technologies, including:
    • Genomics, proteomics, metagenomics, glycomics, etc.
    • Bioinformatics

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Adam Brown, Business Partner, Strategic Research & Networking - Post-Secondary Investments

Phone Number: 780-450-5560

E-mail Address:


Industry: Software/Technology, Location: Alberta ,
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