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Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program – Resource Road Program


Funding for approved projects is cost-shared: 50% provincial contribution for eligible costs of up to a maximum of $3 million per project 50% from municipal and private sector sources: Municipalities are encouraged to provide 25% of the funding required and get a 25% contribution from the private sector that will benefit from the project


The Resource Road Program (RRP) is one of 4 funding streams of the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program. It provides funding to municipalities for roads used by new and existing industries such as value-added processing, resource agricultural sectors.

Eligible Applicants

The following are eligible to apply:

  • towns
  • villages
  • summer villages
  • counties
  • specialized municipalities outside the defined urban service area
  • municipal districts
  • the special areas
  • Metis Settlements

Eligible Expenses

The following projects are eligible for this grant:

  • build or improve local roads and bridges to support industrial growth, including intersection improvements where local roads connect with provincial highways
  • roads must be open to all publicly-licensed vehicles and not subject to any municipal general user fees

Deadline Date

  Open until November 30 for funding in the following year


Contact Name: Contact your local Alberta Transportation Regional Office


Industry: Municipalities, Location: Alberta ,
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