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Sustainable Development Technology Canada


On average 33% (up to 40%) of eligible projects costs The average contribution is $3 million, with funds disbursed in five years or less. 25% of the eligible costs must be funded through private sector contributions (including in-kind). Funding from all levels of government must not surpass 75% of eligible costs. At least 50% of eligible project costs must be incurred in Canada.


Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is a Canadian grant agency for technologies that address climate change, clean air, clean water and clean soil.

This grant agency is the largest environmental grant agency in Canada.

Before writing to this agency, you should definitely be prepared. Make sure you take the time learn about grants BEFORE applying.


Eligible Applicants

  • Be a Canadian company developing a new and novel technology with significant and quantifiable environmental benefits that will provide a significant retained Canadian benefit following execution of the project.
  • Have a defined project and be looking to demonstrate a pre-commercial technology.
  • Have a strong end-user, value proposition and be able to validate the market and commercialization potential of the technology.
  • Form a consortium that includes at least one other partner (recommended that applicants seek partners who are either end users or able to validate the need and market for the technology).

Eligible Expenses

  • Salaries and benefits, including administrative labour related to the Eligible Project
  • Professional, scientific, technical and contractual services costs (e.g. trades, contracts for project and financial audits, third party verification)
  • Field testing services
  • Feasibility studies related to the Eligible Project
  • Licence fees and permits
  • Supplies and equipment, including the costs to purchase, rent, fabricate and install supplies and equipment
  • Purchase, installation, repair, upgrade, testing and commissioning of equipment, materials and products, including diagnostic and testing tools and instruments
  • Furniture (pro-rated amount as applicable)
  • Laboratory and field supplies and materials
  • Reasonable travel and conference expenses related to the Eligible Project
  • Printing and production services
  • Shipping costs, including customs costs
  • Utilities, waste removal, consumables (i.e. items used up completely during the project such as motor oil, lubricants, transmission fluids)
  • Data collection services, including processing, analysis and management
  • Communication and distribution costs
  • Translation costs
  • Capital items specifically required for the delivery of the Eligible Project, including the lease of land or license to use land, data collection equipment, prototypes, pilot plants or demonstration facilities, provided that they have no residual value beyond the period of funding, as determined by GAAP
  • The depreciation expense of capital items during the period of funding (i.e. cost of utilization) that have residual value as determined by GAAP

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Phone Number: 613-234-6313

E-mail Address:


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