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Technology │ Protein Industries Canada


PIC will reimburse up to 50 per cent of eligible approved project costs.


Protein Industries Canada will co-invest in collaborative consortia that leverage strengths, address gaps and incent innovation across the value chain. Chosen projects will align to the four priority areas (create, grow, make and sell) and will demonstrate impact up or down the value stream.

The Supercluster’s contribution, both in magnitude and in proportion, to an approved project, will be determined by how, and the extent to which, project outcomes are aligned with its program areas and ISI themes, and the potential for transformation.

Eligible Applicants

For a project to be considered eligible for investment, it must:
1. Be submitted by a consortium of at minimum two (2) PIC members, at least one of which is a Small or Medium
Enterprise (SME) as defined by Statistics Canada as a business with 499 or fewer employees and less than $50 million
in gross revenues.
2. A consortium may include academic or research institution(s). This is not mandatory but is encouraged.
3. Two industry members are minimum for a consortium, but more are encouraged.
4. Each member of the consortium must contribute to the project in a meaningful way.
5. At least two members of the consortium must contribute financially to the project. PIC will reimburse up to 50 per cent
of eligible approved project costs.
6. At least two partners must be Canadian companies or multi-national corporations who are legally entitled to do business
in Canada with a significant Canadian business operation. Non-Canadian entities can participate in consortium, based on
approval by Protein Industries Canada.
7. The project must be aligned with the objectives of Protein Industries Canada and the Innovation Supercluster Initiative.
8. All Projects are required to pay a project administration fee to PIC. This fee will be four per cent of the total eligible
reconciled project cost.
9. The initiative must be incremental to the regular business of the participating organizations

Eligible Expenses

  • Labour Costs
  • Sub-contractors & Consultants
  • Capital Equipment & Facilities
  • Equipment & Facility Costs
  • Materials & Supplies
  • Room or Facility Rentals
  • Travel
  • Intellectual Property Costs

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Protein Industries Canada

Phone Number: 1 (306) 949-0049

E-mail Address:


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