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Technology Leadership │ Protein Industries Canada:


newly allotted $150 million funding from the Government of Canada.


Protein Industries Canada, under our newly allotted $150 million funding from the Government of Canada, is helping foster this collaboration through our second round of technology programs to develop new ingredients, put new products on grocery store shelves and strengthen Canada’s plant-based ecosystem.

Eligible Applicants

Consortiums of three or more companies can take part in Protein Industries Canada’s technology program. Projects under this program must have a clear connection to plant protein, while falling under one of the pillars outlined above. Additionally, technology projects are expected to show advancements in environmental sustainability and efforts toward economic reconciliation.

Eligible Expenses

As we move into our second round of funding, our technology projects will have a continued focus on Canada’s plant-based value chain. However, we will be placing an increased emphasis on ingredient processing, as well as commercialization at every point in the value chain. Our four areas of focus for technology projects are as follows:

  • Genetics: Germplasm development with an aim to improve processing efficiency, quality, sensory characteristics and the development of novel ingredients.
  • Crops: Technologies to measure and improve on-farm sustainability and information flow along the value chain.
  • Ingredients: The development, scaling and optimization of plant-based ingredients.
  • Products: The conversion of Canadian-made ingredients and co-products into consumption-ready goods.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Protein Industries Canada

Phone Number: 1 (306) 949-0049

E-mail Address:


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