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Testing Stream │ Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


The maximum funding available for each contract resulting from the CFPs is: Standard component $550,000 Military component $1,150,000


The Testing Stream aims to procure, test and evaluate innovative late stage pre-commercial prototypes.

The purpose of these calls for proposals (CFPs) is to create pools of pre-qualified innovations that Canada may select from to address a broad range of the Government of Canada organizations’ requirements. The estimated, total combined budget under the Calls is $20M.

We are introducing a new program feature for SMEs! SMEs who complete an initial testing contract may be eligible to qualify for our innovation source list.

SMEs who qualify for our innovation source list will:

  • be eligible to sell to the Government of Canada without further competition for 3 years
  • be eligible for additional contracts (to a maximum of $8M per contract)

Eligible Applicants

Any private company, public company, not-for-profit organization, university, or individual can submit a proposal.

Specifically, you or your organization must:

  • Be Canadian or partnered with a Canadian bidder
  • Own the intellectual property (IP) rights, or have been granted a licence to the intellectual property, and are not infringing on any IP rights

Bidders are required to certify program eligibility as part of their proposal. Selected Bidders will be required to re-certify eligibility at any phase under the ISC program.

Eligibility specific to the small and medium enterprise call for proposals

The Bidder must be a for-profit with 499 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. This calculation must take into account and include affiliated businesses, such as parent companies and subsidiaries that are either in or outside of Canada.

  • research and development activities that take place in Canada
  • 50% or more of its annual wages, salaries and fees are currently paid to employees and contractors who spend the majority of their time working in Canada
  • 50% or more of its FTE employees have Canada as their ordinary place of work
  • 50% or more of its senior executives (Vice President and above) have Canada as their principal residence

Eligible Expenses

What we consider innovative

To meet our definition of “innovative” you must meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • An invention, a new technology or new process that is not currently available in the marketplace.
  • Significant modifications to the applications of existing application technologies, components or processes that are applied in a setting or condition for which current applications are not possible or feasible.
  • An improvement in functionality, cost or performance over an existing technology or process that is considered state-of-the-art or the current industry best practice.

Deadline Date

February 5, 2021


Contact Name: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Phone Number: 1-800-328-6189

E-mail Address:


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