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The Corrosion Detection in Ships Sandbox | Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS)




The Corrosion Detection in Ships Sandbox (CDIS), previously postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions, has re-launched its Call for Applications. The Sandbox will focus on solutions that might better detect and assess corrosion behind surface coatings onboard Royal Canadian Navy platforms in order to reduce operational impact and improve the effectiveness of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Eligible Applicants

  • Applications are open to individuals, academia, not for profit organizations, and industry of any size, as well as provincial, territorial, and municipal organizations.
  • Federal government departments/agencies, and federal Crown Corporations are not eligible to submit applications to this CFA.
  • Note that for your application to be eligible for selection, your Evaluation results must include a “Pass” on all mandatory criteria and all minimum mandatory scores must be obtained. This includes your solution must have completed SRL 5 and be ready to commence SRL 6 or higher at the time of application: “Simulated Demonstration—near-end state solution is demonstrated and tested in a simulated environment.
  • Read the Criteria section for a full description of all criteria  on the link indicated below.

Eligible Expenses

All costs claimed must be directly attributable to attending the Sandbox itself and are inclusive of delivered duty paid and applicable taxes.  The types of claimable expenses under this cost-sharing arrangement are limited to:

  • Travel, accommodation, and living expenses. The National Joint Council Travel Directive will apply for any travel, accommodation and living expenses.
  • Shipping and transportation expenses of equipment to/from the Sandbox environment.
  • Consumables used during the demonstrations themselves, such as munitions or fuel, which must be pre-approved by DND/CAF in order to be eligible. This does not include the damage or loss of equipment.

Deadline Date

  December 16, 2021.
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