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Traceability Adoption


The maximum annual funding per Eligible Participant is $16,000. Participants are eligible for 70% of project costs, up to the maximum funding level.


The Traceability Adoption Program is available to agriculture, agrifood and seafood businesses to purchase and install traceability systems, practices, technologies and infrastructure.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible Participants are required to:

  • have a business registration number
  • constitute a legal entity
  • have an active GST number and file business/farm income taxes in B.C.

All livestock and poultry operations are also required to be registered in the Premises Identification Program to be eligible for funding.  Registration can happen simultaneously with the application

Eligible Expenses

  • Purchase and installation of traceability hardware:
    • Radio Frequency Identification or barcode readers
    • Dedicated computer terminals
    • Label printers
    • Wireless or wired connectivity within the enterprise, as required for the traceability system
  • Incremental costs (up to 50%) for lease/rental/purchase of a computer terminal to be used to house a traceability database where the operation has no computer and if it is part of the traceability system
  • Incremental costs (up to 50%) for the purchase of multi-use handheld electronic devices to support a traceability system
  • Purchase and installation of traceability software
  • Staff training by vendor (preferred) or approved consultant
  • Consultant fees for assessing, planning and/or implementing projects

Deadline Date

Industry: Agriculture, Location: British Colombia ,
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