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Transition Assistance for the Milk-Fed Calf Sector


The assistance corresponds to a lump sum of $ 27 per calf the first year and $ 22 per calf the second year. A maximum amount of $ 50,000 per business can be granted per year.


Transition Assistance for the Milk-Fed Calf Sector  aims to provide financial support to dairy calf businesses during the transition period following the withdrawal of the eligibility of the Milk Calf product from Agricultural Income Stabilization Insurance Program (ASRA).

Eligible Applicants

Dairy calf businesses and must:

  • be an independent business;
  • having marketed calves during the year for which the aid is granted;
  • comply with the Regulation respecting agricultural operations as regards the provisions relating to the phosphorus balance for the year for which the aid is granted.

Eligible Expenses

  • Creation of collective management tools which make it possible, among other things, to establish economic benchmarks;
  • Implementation of biosecurity measures in order to reduce the risks of spread and transmission of infectious diseases in dairy calf farms.

Deadline Date

  Please click the link indicated below for update.


Contact Name: La Financière agricole du Québec

Phone Number: 1-800-749-3646


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Quebec ,
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