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Value-added Program


The maximum total grant funding an applicant can receive from the Program is $250,000 per fiscal year.


The purpose of the Value-added Program is to support growth of Alberta’s value-added food processors and bio-industrial processors. The Value-added Program helps to advance economic recovery within Alberta through investment in projects that increase company sales, expand market opportunities and create jobs in Alberta.

Eligible Applicants

Food processors and bio-industrial processors with a minimum of $100,000 in global gross annual sales are eligible to apply to the program.

Eligible Expenses

Activities that may be included under the Program are stated in the Funding List in support of the following:

  • Processing capacity expansion;
  • Food safety improvement;
  • New product and process development; and
  • Market development and access

All activities and expenses must meet the requirements as stated in the Program Terms and Conditions s.3.0. Please note that purchases made before January 1, 2021 are not eligible for reimbursement under the Program.

Deadline Date

  Intake Period: June 17, 2021 to July 12, 2021
Industry: Agriculture, Location: Alberta ,
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