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VFC Externship | Ventures for Canada


Employers/students do not pay fees to participate in this program.


The VFC Externship helps leading startups enrich Alberta’s innovation ecosystem by exposing teams of interdisciplinary student volunteers from local colleges and universities to real-world business challenges.

Eligible Applicants

Imagining Canada’s Future Ideas Lab Eligible businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Business must operate in AB
  • Starts up or SMEs with less than 500 employees
  • Your company or industry is exploring new ideas and is interested in new/student perspectives on some aspects of your work
  • Must commit to attending an onboarding
  • Your company is entrepreneurial, or can offer an innovative or entrepreneurial exposure opportunity to students
  • Must select a mentor and company represented
  • Must be willing to provide opportunities for coffee chats with employees. Minimum of 1 one-on-one for each student
  • Complete student assessments (template provided) for each student following the final presentation and the VFC evaluation.

Eligible Expenses

VFC is there to support employers and students at every stage.

Deadline Date

  Application on a rolling basis.


Contact Name: Venture for Canada

E-mail Address:


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