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Victims Fund | Department of Justice:




The Victims Fund provides grants and contributions to support projects and activities that encourage the development of new approaches, promote access to justice, improve the capacity of service providers, foster the establishment of referral networks, and/or increase awareness of services available to victims of crime and their families. The objectives of the Victims Fund are to:

  • Promote access to justice and participation by victims in the justice system
  • Promote the development of law, policies and programs for victims
  • Promote the implementation of principles, guidelines and laws designed to address the needs of victims of crime and articulate the victim’s role in the criminal justice system
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the impact of victimization, the needs of victims of crime, available services, assistance and programs, and relevant legislation
  • Encourage governmental and non-governmental organizations to identify victim needs and gaps in services, and develop and deliver programs, services and assistance to victims
  • Promote capacity-building within non-governmental organizations

Eligible Applicants

  • Not-for-profit agencies and organizations
  • National, provincial, territorial, municipal, Aboriginal, community or professional organizations, societies or associations
  • Educational institutions
  • Bands and tribal councils and self-governing First Nations who are working to provide services and assistance to victims of crime in Aboriginal communities
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private-sector organizations sponsoring non-profit projects
  • Non-governmental international organizations, of which Canada is a member, that have a focus on victim advocacy, services, assistance or raising awareness about the impact of victimization

Eligible Expenses

Funding is available to encourage the development of approaches that aim to meet the needs of victims of crime. The types of projects that could receive funding include:

  • Projects to increase awareness and access to services for victims, with a focus on those in northern and rural communities
  • Projects to enhance the capacity of victim service providers
  • Projects to set up and implement referral networks, partnerships, protocols, public-education projects and training
  • Projects that involve consultation, research or evaluation intended to benefit victims of crime

Deadline Date

  Closed but may reopen. Keep checking website.


Contact Name: General Victims Fund

Phone Number: (613) 941-4193

E-mail Address:


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