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Vital Ideas and Leadership | Toronto Foundation



Vital Ideas & Leadership – an evolved and integrated grant stream – draws on components of our Vital Ideas and Vital People grant streams to support high-impact initiatives in Toronto with a proven track record of success to achieve deeper impact and build capacity within the not-for-profit sector. These one-time strategic grants support organizations addressing quality of life issues in our city, as highlighted in Toronto’s Vital Signs Report and fund new strategic activities that will increase the effectiveness and sustainability of an initiative and position it for deeper impact.

Eligible Applicants

Any charitable organization registered with Canada Revenue Agency whose work directly benefits the quality of life for residents of the city of Toronto.

Eligible Expenses

  • The idea – strategic activities to position an initiative for deeper impact
  • Professional development – to support key leadership for the idea
  • Evaluation – to develop an evaluation framework to measure the deepened impact of the initiative

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Toronto Foundation

Phone Number: 416-921-2035


Industry: Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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