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Wage Subsidy Program | Aboriginal Futures:




In partnership with Community Futures Treaty Seven (CFT7), Aboriginal Futures offers a Wage Subsidy program intended to assist First Nations and Inuit people who live in Calgary and the surrounding area secure employment. By providing financial assistance towards the wage of an individual experiencing difficulty finding work, Aboriginal Futures and CFT7 encourage employers to hire individuals whom they would not normally hire in the absence of a subsidy.

The benefit of the program is two-fold:

  • For employers, the program reduces the cost of hiring a new employee and can help create new or additional jobs
  • For an individual who is having difficulty finding employment, valuable work experience is obtained, skills are enhanced and overall employability is improved

Eligible Applicants

  • Individuals must be a First Nation (Treaty Status) member
  • Individuals must reside in an urban Calgary area
  • Must possess marketable employment skills but are having difficulty obtaining employment due to lack of actual work experience.  (Typically, job seekers who apply for this program have completed some form of accredited skills training and have not had a work history in that area.)
  • Must be unemployed
  • Active Employment Insurance and Employment Insurance Reachback clients
  • Must have completed a career counsellor assessment at Aboriginal Futures as part of the recruitment process


  • Employers who agree to provide work experience to eligible individuals
  • Employers who provide work experience with the intent to hire the individual on a full-time basis upon completion of the subsidy

Eligible Expenses

Wage subsidy

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Aboriginal Futures

Phone Number: 403-253-5311

E-mail Address:


Industry: Indigenous, Location: Alberta ,
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