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Water for Life program


Varies. Program funding is determined each budget cycle.


The Water for Life Program, which launched in 2006, provides cost-shared funding to regional commissions or groups of 2 or more municipalities and consists of 2 funding streams:

Eligible Applicants

Funding under Water for Life is available to all regional commissions or groups of 2 or more municipalities (or eligible hamlets) that are eligible for funding under the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership:

  • regional commissions
  • groups of 2 or more eligible municipalities (or eligible hamlets) which include:
    • cities (under 45,000 population)
    • towns
    • villages
    • summer villages
    • rural municipalities
    • Metis Settlements
  • municipal partnerships
  • public-private ventures
  • municipalities with contracted services to privately owned utilities

Eligible Expenses

Eligible projects:
Water for Life funding is only available for new regional water or wastewater systems or extensions to existing regional water or wastewater systems.

Deadline Date

  Open until November 30, 2022 for funding approval in 2023.


Contact Name: Regional contact information (Central)

Phone Number: 403-340-5166


Industry: Municipalities, Location: Alberta , Tags: ABmunis  
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