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Work-integrated Learning Industry Voucher Pilot Program




The Work-integrated Learning Industry Voucher pilot program is a new initiative that provides paid work placement for hundreds of students in their field of study, ensuring they get meaningful, hands-on experience from industry experts and launch successful careers after graduation.

This initiative is a key part of the Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs strategy.

Eligible Applicants

Alberta has partnered with 3 key industry associations from Alberta’s priority sectors:

  • Technology Alberta
  • Alberta Construction Association
  • BioAlberta

These partner industry associations are working with post-secondary institutions and employers to match students with new work-integrated learning opportunities.

Employers and students interested in participating in the program are encouraged to reach out to one of the three industry association partners.

Eligible Expenses

The program provides funding to help employers in Alberta’s key priority sectors access emerging local talent, while also helping them to grow, innovate and respond to their business needs.

During this pilot, paid work-integrated learning experiences will be provided to about 650 students over the next 3 years. Students are matched as placements become available.

Deadline Date

  Interested employers and students can reach out to participating industry associations until 2023.


Contact Name: Government of Alberta

Phone Number: 310-0000 (in Alberta)


Industry: Employment, Location: Alberta ,
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