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Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) program


maximum of $550,000


The Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) program will support research projects. These projects will investigate the extent to which social enterprises assist Black and other racialized Canadians overcome socioeconomic barriers. The findings will help determine if social enterprises are appropriate providers to assist these underrepresented groups.

Eligible Applicants

Your organization must be 1 of the following types:

  • post-secondary institutions:
    • colleges
    • universities
  • other research organizations
  • social purpose organizations (SPOs) with in-house research capacity as demonstrated by their experience in conducting research
  • social purpose organizations (SPOs) that do not have in-house research capacity but can forge partnerships with external researchers, including:
    • commercial or not-for-profit research institutes
    • not for profit/social enterprises networks
    • WISE practitioners incorporated in and located in Canada

Eligible Expenses

Your project must include the following mandatory activities:

  • longitudinal research study
  • recruit at least 1 work integration social enterprise (WISE)
  • knowledge transfer activities
  • disseminate the findings in both official languages
  • produce a final research report in English and French, including accessible formats

Deadline Date

  Apply between August 30, 2022 to October 13, 2022
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