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Youth Agriculture Education │ Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP):


The maximum funding that may be approved for Projects is $200,000 per Applicant in each Fiscal Year of the Program Term.


The Youth Agriculture Education program stream supports the development and delivery of effective agriculture education programs that are science-based, topic-driven, curricular-linked and help students use critical thinking to engage in meaningful and informed conversations about issues that affect public trust in agriculture.

Eligible Applicants

  • An agricultural group registered under the Societies Act
  • A commodity group
  • A university or college*
  • A school district*
  • An incorporated not-for-profit organization*, or
  • A recognized (as determined by the Minister) form of rural municipal government in Alberta, including a Municipal District (including a County and Hamlet), a Special Area, a Specialized Municipality or an Improvement District.*

*Please note that any non-agriculture industry groups require collaboration with and support from the agriculture industry.

Eligible Expenses

The following expenses which are incurred for eligible activities may be included in an Application:

a) guest speaker fees and travel within Alberta in accordance with the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Travel Expense Policy as posted on the Alberta Canadian Agricultural Partnership Website, as may be amended;

b) costs associated with student and teacher field trips within Alberta (busing, facility rentals, and substitute teacher costs);

c) costs for new, expanded or adapted agriculture education programs, and associated resource development costs;

d) salaries related to Project development/implementation; and e) any other expense related to the development and implementation of new, expanded or adapted agriculture education programs.

Deadline Date

  Not accepting applications.


Contact Name: Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)

Phone Number: 310-FARM

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Alberta ,
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