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Youth Employment and Skills Program (YESP) | Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


Maximum of $14,000


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is one of several federal departments participating in the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy. At AAFC, the Youth Employment and Skills Program will contribute approximately $21 million to projects that employ youth and youth facing barriers. Each project will be eligible to receive up to $14,000 in matching funds to employ one (1) intern. Employers are also eligible to cover travel and accommodation costs where employees are required to relocate or to cover barrier costs for those employees identified as a youth facing barriers.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible employers:

Eligible employers are agricultural related organizations such as farmers, food processors and agricultural related non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who can offer opportunities that will give youth:

  • agriculture career-related work experiences and skills in Canada.

These organizations may be from:

  • industry
  • not-for-profit organizations
  • provincial and municipal governments
  • associations
  • boards
  • councils
  • universities

Eligible employees:

Eligible employers are responsible for hiring and verifying the eligibility of participants for the Youth Employment and Skills activities. To qualify, the employee must be:

  • between the ages of 15 and 30 inclusive when the internship started
  • unemployed or underemployed
    • underemployed will include students who are currently employed and are taking on an expanded role or more hours of work during the internship
  • a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada or a refugee under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Eligible Expenses

  • Funds may be allocated for salaries and benefits paid to the employee or required as a result of their employment.
  • Employee benefits that the employer normally pays to their employees are eligible expenses, that is cell phone, travel, vacation pay, etc.
  • Employee relocation costs, which include reasonable travel and accommodation costs, are eligible.
  • If the intern is a youth facing barriers, the applicant is eligible to claim expenses related to the intern to help support and employ them. These expenses could include critical transportation, assistance with dependents, accommodation needs, accessibility equipment/technology etc. The employer is responsible for paying the employee.

Deadline Date

  Closed. Application deadline was March 21, 2022.


Contact Name: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Youth Employment and Skills Program

Phone Number: 1-866-452-5558

E-mail Address:


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