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Youth in Natural Resources | ECO Canada


Up to 80% of wages


ECO Canada, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, provides wage funding for employers looking to onboard young professionals for full-time work placements and job training. This program offers eligible employers salary coverage to create STEM-related jobs within
natural resources sectors and/or with a positive environmental outcome.

Eligible Applicants

Youth Participant Requirements

  • Participants must be aged 30 and under and a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or hold refugee status in Canada
  • Must have a post-secondary accomplishment (some exceptions apply)

Employer Participant Requirements

  • Organizations must be Canadian owned or a Canadian subsidiary
  • Must provide a full-time work placement and training opportunities in an environmental role

Eligible Sectors:

Natural resource sectors that qualify include: Energy Sector; Forest Sector; Mining, Minerals & Metals Sector; Earth Sciences & Support Sector

Eligible Expenses

Employers receive funding for hiring youth and provide them with valuable training and mentorship opportunities

Deadline Date

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