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Youth In Policing Initiative (YIPI)




Youth In Policing Initiative (YIPI) program was created in recognition of the importance of providing support and employment opportunities for young people all year round. This initiative lets you:

  • Get a 6-8 week summer or after-school job with a local police service
  • Gain experience through diverse work assignments
  • Examples could include community policing, forensics, traffic services
  • For residents in select communities only: contact your local police department to see if they offer the program

Eligible Applicants

  • Must be a student between the ages of 15 and 18 years;
  • Must not have any criminal charges pending before the court;
  • Must be legally eligible to work in Canada;
  • Must be attending school; and
  • Must not have previously participated in any YIPI program

Additionally, youth must be permanent residents of one of the listed neighbourhoods. You may check the link indicated below for the complete list.

Eligible Expenses

For more detailed information, please click the link indicated below.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Toronto Police Service

Phone Number: 416-808-7293 and 416-808-7108.

E-mail Address:


Industry: Employment, Location: Ontario ,
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