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Zero Emission Transit Fund


$2.75 billion investment over five years.


Through the Zero Emission Transit Fund, the Government of Canada is investing $2.75 billion over five years, starting in 2021, to support public transit and school bus operators plan for electrification, support the purchase of 5,000 zero emission buses  and build supporting infrastructure, including charging infrastructure and facility upgrades.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible recipients under the Zero Emission Transit Fund include:

  • provinces and territories;
  • municipal or regional governments;
  • transit agencies;
  • public bodies (e.g., school boards);
  • private-sector school bus operators;
  • and private accessible transit transportation providers (e.g., paratransit services).

Eligible Expenses

There are two Zero Emission Transit Fund components under which projects are eligible for funding:

  1. Planning Projects: Eligible projects include studies, modelling and feasibility analysis that will support the development of future larger scale capital projects.
  2. Capital Projects: Eligible capital projects include buses, charging and refueling infrastructure, and other ancillary infrastructure needs.

Deadline Date

  Infrastructure Canada is now accepting applications for both the planning and capital funding streams of the Zero Emission Transit Fund.


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