Harvest Operations Corporation

Value: Varies


Harvest’s Community Support Program is primarily designed to:

Contribute to the quality of life in communities in or near to where Harvest operates

Benefit a wide and visible group of people

Have a minimal portion of the donation being allocated to overhead or other administration costs

Encourage community volunteerism by our employees, contractors, and consultants

Priority for Harvest’s donations is given to not-for-profit and charitable activities in which Harvest employees, Directors, individual contractors/consultants, and/or their families participate, and to activities for which a matching donation, in cash or in kind, is being made. Second to that are organizations which fit Harvest’s criteria for funding.

Primary areas for investment will focus on causes that benefit a large number of residents in communities where Harvest works or operates, including the corporate office and the field areas. Organizations involved in the advancement of education and development of youth; health and wellness; environment and safety; and community support will be given priority, as will not-for-profit and charitable activities in which a significant number of Harvest employees, Directors, individual contractors/consultants and/or their families participate, and/or support.


Registered charitable organizations

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Harvest Operations Corporation | information@harvestenergy.ca

Website: http://www.harvestoperations.com/donations.html

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