HAT Smart | City of Medicine Hat

Value: Maximum $5000


The award-winning HAT Smart program is a popular and innovative City of Medicine Hat environmental initiative. The program promotes energy conservation and helps raise customer awareness to encourage environmentally conscious home upgrades. Funded through the Environmental Conservation Charge, HAT Smart has a limited amount of resources to make these programs available each year.

City of Medicine Hat residential utility customers are encouraged to submit rebate applications early to take advantage of HAT Smart initiatives before funding runs out.

Funds for HAT Smart rebates are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Once funding shows 100% utilization, Application Forms will no longer be processed for the specific initiative.

The HAT Smart program seeks to educate consumers and promote energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives. Incentives are offered to City of Medicine Hat Electric and Natural Gas Utility customers to make better choices regarding upgrades to their home.


City of Medicine Hat residential utility customers.

Deadline: Deadline for applications is noon on the last business day before January 7 of the following year, provided funding is still available.

Contact: HAT Smart | 403-502-8799 | hatsmart@medicinehat.ca

Website: http://www.medicinehat.ca/index.aspx?page=1846


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