Value: Maximum $1,000,000


The Indigenous Forestry Initiative is a program that provides funding to support the economic development of Indigenous peoples in Canada. The activities we fund promote greater participation by Indigenous communities in all-natural resource sectors, especially the forest sector. Proposed projects must be aimed at achieving economic development through one of the following activity areas:

o      Clean technology and participation in the forest bioeconomy (e.g. a project that promotes using biomass for heat and power to reduce reliance on diesel fuel)

o      Environmental stewardship (e.g. a project that focuses, on climate change mitigation and adaptation, land reclamation, or environmental/ecological services)

o      Use and management of forest resources (e.g. a project that gives people in the community training in forest management)

As well, eligible projects must have at least one partner (e.g. federal or provincial government, industry, or research organization) that has agreed to contribute financially or with in-kind goods or services.


o      Indigenous communities and governments such as:

o      Band and tribal councils

o      Governments of self-governing First Nations and local governments of Inuit communities

o      Métis organizations

o      Economic development corporations

o      For-profit and not-for-profit corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, associations, co-operatives and institutions that are Indigenous or majority-owned and controlled by Indigenous people or fully endorsed by an Indigenous partner organization or community

o      Provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments working with an Indigenous organization

o      Academic institutions and research associations working with an Indigenous partner organization

Eligible Expenses:

o      Professional and technical services

o      Training and skills development

o      Facility and transportation rentals

o      Communications materials; Planning and design costs

o      Equipment and machinery costs

o      Salaries, wages and benefits

o      Travel and accommodation costs

Deadline: Ongoing


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Northern Forestry Centre
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