Industry Commercialization Associates Program | Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF)

Value: $126,000 to $238,000 over a two-year period.


The AIFT Industry Commercialization Associates Program has been designed to support innovation and creative problem solving in Alberta Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  The purpose of the Program is to stimulate the development and commercialization of novel technological and/or business solutions, while generating material risk-weighted returns on investment to the Province of Alberta based on economic, social and/or environmental metrics. The Program is designed to fund an Applicant to employ a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Commercialization Associate, on a Full-Time basis or a Level 3 Commercialization Associate on a Part Time basis. Commercialization Associate Levels are determined by the associate’s experience and skillset.


  • Be an SME
  • Demonstrate why AITF’s support for the Project is necessary for success
  • Exist as a provincially, extra-provincially or federally registered corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship which has legal status to operate on a for-profit basis in Alberta, and which retains a significant physical presence in Alberta
  • Show evidence of adequate operational capital and sound financial resources to execute the Project

Eligible Expenses:

  • Manufacturing analysis and planning
  • Product validation
  • Exploring new product market opportunities
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Partnership activities including engaging clients, licensees, distributors, etc.
  • Financial strategy

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Dayna Misener | 780-450-5256 |


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