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Value:> $1,000,000


The Investments in Forest Industry Transformation (IFIT) program offers non-repayable contributions to successful applicants in the Canadian forestry industry to implement innovative, first-in-kind technologies in their facilities. The goal of the program is to provide funding for projects at the pilot to commercialization phase, with the intent of helping these technologies get to market.

Funded projects benefit the environment by:

o      Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

o      Increasing Canada’s green electricity production

o      Creating advanced energy efficient building materials

o      Generating renewable alternatives to fossil fuel-based products

o      Producing renewable fuels, such as biogas

o      Commercializing innovative products made from renewable resources

o      Reducing water and waste and creating effluent treatment efficiency


o      For-profit companies located in Canada, that either produce forest products in an existing forest product manufacturing facility (for example, pulp, paper, or lumber mills) located in Canada, or that are, or will be, new entrants in the Canadian forest sector for the purpose of the proposed project

o      The proposed project must constitute an advancement of forest sector technology in Canada. Once implemented, the advancement will employ new technologies that produce (or will lead to the future production of) bio-products including but not limited to bioenergy, biomaterials, biochemical, and next-generation building products, and can include upstream activities designed to best match fibre qualities with novel product technologies. The proposed project is at a pilot to commercial scale, and the technology does not yet exist, at the proposed scale and specifications, in a forest sector industrial facility in Canada

o      The project site is located in Canada and the project will be integrated with existing industrial processes in the forest sector. This includes projects located at existing mill sites (open or closed) and projects physically connected to existing forest sector industrial processes or facilities

o      The proposed project involves products primarily derived from wood fibre. This includes projects involving the industrial processing of wood fibre and projects directly related to or reliant on by-products generated by wood fibre industrial processing activities

Deadline: The deadline for the Expression of Interest was October 12, 2017 at 17:00 EDT.The deadline for the full IFIT Proposal form and appendices is November 28, 2017, 17:00 EST.The Proposal form will only be accepted if an Expression of Interest form was submitted.

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